Welcome to my world

If you’re new here the best way to describe this would be a blog for all levels of anime and manga fans. From ‘i wAtChED pOkEmOn wHeN i wAS yOuNGeR’ to ‘THATS NOT HOW IT HAPPENED IN THE MANGA!!’.

Feel free to comment on any posts that happen to pique your interest, I appreciate all feedback.

I don’t know how to start this, but this is kind of an introduction to my blog? To put this simply, this is an Anime/Manga blog which will take a more comedic approach to the topic. This is where I will share my pure, unedited opinion on various Anime’s and manga. Manga is something I barely read, excluding JoJo’s – oh and Psyren (if you’ve heard of Psyren leave a comment), so any suggestions in the comments would be extremely welcomed. Honestly, I don’t know where to begin… I’ve barely written anything all I’ve done up until this point in my life is read, my creativity should be considered a superpower though I’m ngl… (Laughing emoji).

Right now I’m watching this CGI anime called Kengan Ashura and to be honest I’m barely paying attention. The fight scenes are LIVE tho. Yooo my mans bleeding from his eyes……………………………………………………. The Dunya is all mad. This is generally what my blog will be like unless any of you have any particular topics you want me to speak on, can literally be anything; Anime, Manga, why the Earth isn’t flat… what my favourite type of dinosaur is… ANYTHING.

Have a blessed day! And Welcome to my MASTERPIECE.